Those of you that have been in my home, or know me well, know that I have kind of an addiction to sign making!  My home is full of signs that I have made and I also like to give them as gifts.

This ‘EAT’ sign behind my range is one of my favorites, but I DID NOT MAKE IT!!!  I bought this sign for my husband several years ago because, fun fact, the other side says ‘SKI.’  It was meant to go in our ski house, but when he opened it on Christmas and realized the other side said ‘EAT’ he stuck it behind our range. It looked so good we decided to keep it there until we went up to Maine to ski next.  Well, it grew on us, and just seems to belong where it is, so we never seem to take it with us to Sunday River!

It seems like most people that come to our home comment on how much they love this sign, and many of them say to me,”You could make that!” I finally decided to give it a try, thus beginning my sign making adventures!

I have purchased many signs over the years to decorate my home and give as gifts.  I have a favorite local gift shop, The Fox and The Chicken Coop, where I have found numerous great items, new and old. The couple that own the shop are buyers, pickers and repurposing geniuses!  It is always an adventure to wind my way through their amazing displays, and I always leave with something fun, not to mention major crafting inspiration! I usually find my way to their wood scrap bin, where most pieces are $1-$3. I have made a ton of signs from pieces out of that bin!

This box, that I repurposed as a shelf, is also from their shop!


The DINE sign and the shelf were other creations made from scrap pile finds!


Wood from scrap pile, sign made by me


I also purchase great items for sign making from Joann Fabrics, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart.  Here are some more examples of my sign addiction/obsession…

The other items are made from wine corks, which I may, ahem, have a few of lying around!!!

My nephew, Sullivan, can sometimes be found hanging with me in my craft room!  You could consider him my intern, as he also  likes to help me when I decorate the seasonal windows in our office building. Well, that is, until he loses interest and disappears to visit the various candy jars the ladies in the office have on their desks! Here he is making a sign for himself last year.  He also made signs for each of his teachers as gifts!

But wait, there’s more…

My sign making obviously requires the use of stencils, which I have purchased hundreds of through the years.  Last year I finally splurged on the purchase of a Cricut Explore Air 2.  I bought it when I saw a major sale and I now make most of my own stencils, as well as hundreds of other crafts, but I’ll save those for a later post!!!

Cricut Explore Air 2


Do any of you have any crafting obsessions/addictions?  I always love to hear new ideas! Please share with me!  Most of these signs, that aren’t already hanging on my walls, are available for purchase. Message me privately for prices if you are interested, local pick up only!


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