Today I want to share a bunch of random holiday thoughts/ideas/tricks with you.  My brain is on holiday overdrive right now, as I’m sure yours are too!  I feel like all I do is make lists on top of lists of all the things I want/need to get done.  Tomorrow I will be driving most of the day to pick up my daughter at school to bring her home for Thanksgiving, my son and his girlfriend will be arriving on Wednesday.  This means I basically have today to get things around the house ‘just right’ before the house fills up!  There is no greater feeling for a mom than to have everyone under her roof together!!!

I am truly my own worst enemy with all of the traditions I keep. For example, I always have my Christmas wreaths on my windows, window candles glowing, and exterior holiday lights ready to go for Thanksgiving night.  I start using my Christmas dishes and coffee mugs for the first time for Thanksgiving dessert.  We play Christmas music all day and watch ‘ELF’ for the first of twenty times on Thanksgiving night. Then, on Friday, I will decorate for Christmas, we will put up our tree and watch ‘Fred Claus’ while we hang ornaments!

Today I will make my pie crusts and get them chilling then complete my grocery shopping for the rest of the necessary items for turkey day.  My husband already bought our turkey and got lots of recipe ingredients at our local farmer’s market on Saturday!  Somehow I also have to get my Christmas lights on my outdoor trees as our weather of late hasn’t been very cooperative. I usually try to get it done earlier in the season so I can actually feel my fingers throughout the process!

This past Saturday I spent most of the day putting up our holiday windows at the office.  The downtown holiday celebrations are coming up so those needed to get done before the craziness of this week!  I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out!


Most of the lists I am making involve Christmas gift ideas. I’m going to throw some things at you that I hope, in some way, may help you through this crazy process! Here are a few things I love and would prefer not to live without:

Redken 01 Shine Brilliance

This anti-frizz product is magic!  The difference it makes in my hair is amazing!  I have not always had frizz problems, for most of my life my hair was pin straight and thick. Since having children, and getting older, my hair has a lot of wavy, coarse texture to it.  I don’t think this product would be enough for super frizzy hair but it is delightful for mine!!! I despise the feel of product in my hair, this stuff is light and never leaves a residue or greasy feel! Kind of pricey but I always stock up when I have a CVS coupon or when the salon at Wal-Mart has their BOGO sale on Redken products.

Body Glide

Okay, I know this may seem like a weird one, but, believe me, once you find this you’ll thank me!  Many years ago I discovered ‘Glide’ when training for a half marathon.  It seems like so many people I know can run for hours without experiencing any chafe or blister issues.  Not this girl!  When I’m training and running distances anywhere from 8 to 26.2 miles I get blisters on my feet and chafe burns wherever a seam on my clothing isn’t agreeing with me.  If it’s very hot and I’m sweating more than usual or if it’s raining out the chafe and blister issue can double!  I put the ‘Glide’ on my toes, sides of my feet and around my heels and then anywhere else that may chafe, usually underarms and some waste bands on certain workout pants. It makes all the difference in the world!  I also have to put it on my arm where I carry my phone in an armband because that can irritate my skin on long runs.

What some people may not know is that ‘Glide’ also works miracles when wearing new and/or uncomfortable shoes.  Sometimes new flats or loafers take a few wearings to break in, and those heels that you wear on certain occasions can ruin your day!  Not with ‘Glide!’  You can find it most places that sell running shoes, I buy it at Dick’s in the sneaker section and Amazon also carries it.  Get some!

Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancement Serum

I just bought this lash serum at Ulta a few months ago.  I have been reading about some others that some of my favorite bloggers swear by, but they’re so expensive!  I thought I’d try a less expensive one to see if I would see any change.  This one is $49.99, which may still not seem cheap, but others run well over $100.

I have always had fairly long eyelashes but my eyebrows have thinned so much in recent years.  I’m not religious about remembering to use it every night but I am totally shocked at how long my lashes are and how filled in my brows have gotten. I never knew I had lower lashes either, if I put mascara on them now I look like a kewpie doll.  I recently had a facial and my esthetician asked me if I got lash extensions and if I was having my brows tinted, no joke!!!

Hallmark Wrapping Paper

In my opinion, Hallmark wrapping paper is the very best! It’s the perfect thickness and most come either double-sided or with a grid on the back side making cutting so much easier!  I buy these multi packs every year, if you keep an eye on them they have great sales!  I am happiest when the gifts under my tree are wrapped in various plaids and brown craft paper.

Scotch Paper Cutter

THE BEST PAPER CUTTING TOOL!  I use them year round. They glide through the paper like a dream! You can find them in most stores near the wrapping supplies.

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser

This baby makes your wrapping experience a million times easier!  It contains easy pull tabs of pre-cut tape. They also sell table top dispensers.  I can usually find these in most stores with the wrapping supplies, but no one seems to sell the refills anymore! But, as with most things, you can get the refills on amazon!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but we’ve only had our heat on for a couple of weeks now and my lips and hands are already in full-on winter chapped mode!  I have tried every product I could get my hands on over the years.  Some worked okay and some were a huge waste of time and money. I would go to bed most nights with multiple layers of lip treatment on and greasy hands stuffed into night-time moisturizing gloves.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands and Lip Repair

Two words…GET THEM!  They work!

So there you go, a random little post full of the scattered thoughts running through my busy holiday brain!  I only hope that some of these ideas may find their way into your busy lives to make your holidays a little bit easier and more enjoyable!  Now off to my pie crusts and exterior illumination!

If any of you have any favorite things you’d like to share to help us get through this crazy time of year, please scroll down and leave your comments; I’d love to hear them!


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