Gettysburg Hotel in beautiful, historic downtown Gettysburg. Just blocks from campus!


We had such a fabulous weekend with our boy!  He left for school August 18th and we haven’t seen him since, except for Face Time !!  Last year for Family Weekend he was studying abroad in South Africa, and since then he has driven himself back and forth to school, so it’s been awhile since we’ve been to campus.

We got to have him all to ourselves for the entire weekend and I enjoyed every second!  We spent some time in his off-campus house, which, quite honestly, I was a little skeptical to visit!  Five guys living in one house isn’t usually the “cleanest” scenario out there!  I have to admit it wasn’t too bad!  He is a product of me so he is fairly clean and organized. I actually used their bathroom (it was clean and there was even toilet paper and hand soap!!!). We did make him buy a new shower curtain liner on our shopping trip, and more shower curtain rings. They were currently functioning with only three!

It was a little dark climbing the stairs to see his room because none of the hallway lightning works, but they DO have a half-lit string of Christmas lights duct taped to the hallway wall!  His room was spotless and so nice!  He’s got a bigger room there than he does here at home.  His bed was made, his towels were clean AND hung up, and it even smelled nice!  (Proud Mom moment!)

On Saturday my parents drove down to spend the rest of the weekend with us.  They got to experience their first frat party; it was a lot of fun!  The fraternity is truly the nicest group of young men and their parents and families are just as lovely!  We have enjoyed getting to know them.

Non and Pop’s first Frat Party!



Sam and Poppy checking out Sam’s handyman skills on the dance floor he and his friends built!


Pop stepping out of his shoes as they are stuck in, ummm, beer muck!


It’s always so hard saying good-bye, but it gets easier when you see how happy and thriving your child is in the environment that they call “home” for most of the year!  He will be home in two weeks for Thanksgiving and I am already counting down the days!  It’s so hard to believe that this is his senior year; we are so proud of our boy!

Sam and his Nonna

If you have never been to Gettysburg, I highly recommend a visit!  It is such a historical place.  A battlefield tour is a must-do for everyone.  We took a tour Sam’s first year of college and I think we were all embarrassed at how much we did not know about the Battle of Gettysburg and the impact it had!


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