Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! December is officially here and, if you weren’t feeling it before, you’re sure to be feeling the hustle and bustle of the holiday season all around you now.

My weekend started out with a super fun wreath making party on Friday night. You know I love a DIY project! A friend of mine started this tradition a while back and it’s so fun and a great way to get into the holiday spirit!  A bunch of friends hanging out surrounded by fresh smelling greenery and gabbing the night away!  Each and every wreath turns out unique and beautiful and it’s so neat driving around our quaint little town seeing them on each other’s doors!

I love how my front door looks with my new wreath!


I am brand new to the blogging world, just starting out and ‘flying by the seat of my pants,’ you might say!  Except for my family, I’m never sure if anyone is going to read my content, or even care to.  In order to have a blog you really have to put yourself out there, and being the private person that I am, this can be pretty nerve-wracking!  So, the best feeling in the world is when readers leave comments on my posts, either just acknowledging that they’ve read it or letting me know that they found it interesting or helpful!

In the past couple of weeks I have received  many compliments and quite a number of readers have told me they’ve enjoyed my posts on gift ideas. This makes me so happy!  I am constantly jotting down notes on items that I love and think others would like, too! So, guess what?  I’ve got another list of ideas for you!  I can’t help sharing when something is just that good!  Here we go:


I shared this tray in an instagram post this weekend because it is beautiful, inexpensive and it makes me happy!  It is a sturdy, fairly heavy tray that can be used in so many ways!  I actually bought it for my bathroom vanity to put my containers of make-up brushes and hair doodads on, but I now have it in my kitchen by my coffee station. I think it’s such a great gift!  If I was traveling for the holidays I would for sure give this to my hostess as a thank you. You could add a cheese knife set to it or cocktail adornments for party time!

Better Homes and Gardens Bhg Marble Tray $19.94



Bunny Eyez Reading Glasses


I saw these when Hoda Kotb featured them on the ‘Today Show’ this summer and I love them so much! The website (bunnyeyez.com) offers a variety of styles, and they help you decide on the best style for your face shape.  They now offer ‘Guyz’ styles too and sunglasses(Sunnyz) with or without lens power.  They are so cool!  You can wear them as you would normally wear your readers, or you can tilt the frames downward if you are trying to see your screen while looking up for regular vision.  The sides also bend down, ‘opera glass’ style, so that you can still read while lying on your side or you can use them while at the hairdresser and still see your phone or read your magazine!

The regular readers, offered in different styles, are $27. The Guyz styles are also $27.  The Sunnyz, like I said, are offered with or without reading lenses, and run $40-$45. I would not buy these for the people I know that lose their readers several times a day, but for the more responsible people on your list these would make such a great gift! I love my pink ones the most, but I am sure to carry the tortoise ones when we go out since my husband looks kind of funny in restaurants when he has to borrow them!


Marleylilly Monogrammed Plaid Tote


My plaid obsession of the week!  I LOVE THIS BAG!  This website(marleylilly.com) is fabulous!  Adorable gift ideas and their prices are so affordable!  Their motto is “IF IT’S NOT MOVING, MONOGRAM IT!” Amen to that!  They currently have a list up of $20 and under stocking stuffers for the preppy people on your shopping list. Shipping is quick, too! ( I may or may not have also ordered myself a plaid monogrammed baseball hat!)


Feetures Athletic Socks

These are the ONLY running socks I will wear!  I was introduced to them several years ago at a specialty running store, fell in love, and the rest is history!  They come in a few different styles, no cushioning to light to extra cushioning.  I have some of each type and love them all. Each pair has a left and a right and they feature lycra bands built-in that hug your feet and give you added support and helps to avoid that sock movement that causes blisters.  My sister doesn’t like them and the way they form to your feet but I can’t wear anything else!  I encourage you to try them if you are a runner or active at all and like extra support! They can be found in most stores that sell running shoes.  I’ve gotten them at Fleet Feet Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Athleta. Amazon carries some styles, too.


Northern Nights Wrinkle Defense 100% Cotton Sheet Set

My friend Julie introduced me to these sheets years ago, another great discovery that I learned about while chatting away on a long run!  She is a QVC enthusiast, as is my Mom, and she swore by them!  I do see some of their styles on amazon, also!  They are super sturdy, soft and really wrinkle free!!!  I have had many other sheets that I didn’t like half as much that are more expensive and need to be ironed around the edges because they wrinkle so much. Not these babies!  I wash in bleach and hot water every Sunday and they last forever!  They come in many different thread counts and a few different materials. Check them out and sweet dreams!


The Stationery Studio Personalized Note Pads

I love these note pad sets!  I gave them as teacher gifts years back when my kids were little and their teachers loved them, too!  The website(thestationerystudio.com) offers so many different items, as well as personalized stationery in any style you can imagine.  They have a fast turn-around time and there are several affordable offers going on now!  I encourage you to check it out!


So there you go, a long rant from me, again, on some ideas to hopefully help your holiday shopping experience!  Let me know if you decide to purchase any of these products and what you think about them!  Happy shopping!



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