There’s no doubt about it; I LOVE FALL!!!  I truly hate giving up summer, but when the chilly temps really stick around and the trees change into all of those beautiful colors, I’m hooked!  All of my favorite TV shows come back on, I’m back to cooking and baking up a storm, and life just seems a bit cozier.

I love decorating our house for the season, especially since it’s a long one and I leave it like this from the end of September until Thanksgiving.  As those of you that have been following me already know, I finally purchased a fabulous Adirondack pack basket for my front door!  I’ve wanted one for so long, so when @ballarddesigns put theirs on sale I ordered it right away!

I usually buy an assortment of pumpkins and gourds to decorate the front porch, but they always get destroyed by squirrels in a matter of days and never make it until Halloween!  I have tried so many different deterrents to prevent this; cayenne pepper, oil, vaseline, you name it, but they just gnaw away at them like they’re candy!! (or NUTS!) This year I decided to buy a carvable faux pumpkin. They are usually quite pricey, I think mine was about $40 regular price. The more real they look the more expensive they are.  I used one of my many coupons from so I got it 50% off.  I figure if it can be used year after year it is a lot cheaper than buying real ones every year that get ruined!  I carved our initial out of it using a pumpkin carving knife.  I have gotten many compliments on it and people are surprised to learn that it’s fake.  Since it is so lightweight I put a battery operated candle inside that has a timer and put a few rocks in also to keep it from rolling away in the wind!

Here is a glimpse at our interior fall decor…

I’m loving my new lamps from @llbean!

I love the pops of color throughout the house, and it is an easy season to decorate for. The fall decorations all fit into two medium-sized plastic bins.  As far as Christmas goes… well, let’s just say I think I have approximately twelve bins full of decs!!!  That time will be here before we know it!  I start putting them up the day after Thanksgiving and am always finished by that Sunday.  I like to have the tree up and decorated when all three of my kids are home before the older two go back to college!


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