We bought this small, two-door cabinet several years ago. It was originally hunter green and we had it in our bathroom in our first home. It was a sweet, small little house with a rather good-sized bathroom that had zero storage.

This little cabinet held it all! A family of five with three small children has A LOT of ‘stuff’ from toiletries, tub toys, hair accessories, etc. When we redecorated that bathroom I painted it black to better match the new decor.

When we moved to our new home 17 years ago, we placed it in our upstairs hallway, and there it has sat for all this time. It acts as a catch-all to various items and is the perfect place for a night light and whatever else finds itself landing there.

I have wanted to paint it for years, its just boring and blah and kind of just stuck there because it happens to fit the space. This spring I decided to go for it and boy, does it look different now!

I removed the doors and all of the hardware and lightly sanded it all over. The metal hinges and wooden knobs were painted black. I had seen on a DIY show years ago that you could soak old metal hardware in a crockpot to remove years of paint and build-up. I boiled some water in a pyrex bowl in the microwave then placed all the metal hinges in the hot water to soak for a while. The paint just rubbed right off of them!

I decided to prime the cabinet because I was using such a bright paint I was afraid of the knots in the wood bleeding through. Not really sure if this step was necessary but I didn’t want to find out the hard way after it was all finished!

In between coats of primer I worked on the hardware. I knew I wanted them to be gold so I decided to just spray paint them with a gold I had on hand.

I poked holes in this cardboard left-over from an old ski-goggle box for all of the screws and knobs and just laid the hinges flat on top of old cardboard . Then I spray painted them all.

I was so happy with how they turned out! Next up I started to paint with my bright, crazy green!!!

Needless to say, I was going for a very different look! Anyone who knows me can tell you I don’t usually decorate with a lot of bright color. My home is mostly whites, grays, beiges and blues.

As it was getting brighter and brighter I was getting so excited! I found it really hard to be patient and wait for it to dry! Finally, it was time to re-attach all of the hardware and hang the doors.

Voila! Here is my finished product. It sure stands out now and honestly makes me happy every time I see it! Big difference form before, right?

Do you have any fun DIY projects that you’ve done around your house? Or maybe one that you’ve wanted to do but have put it off? I’d love for you to share them with me! I get so inspired when I see other people’s projects!

This week I also transformed an old sofa table. I hope to share that with you soon! The spring weather has me super-psyched to get back to all the projects I’ve put off during the long, never-ending winter!

Scroll down to comments and let me know about your DIY projects or if you’re planning on doing any in the future! I hope this project will inspire you to go for it! Don’t forget to sign-up for my email list!


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