A few months back I stopped into my local Tuesday Morning store to peruse the shelves for a new ginger jar.  Every once in a while I check in there because they tend to get some good ones and they’re at a great price point!  On this particular day I couldn’t find any that I liked but for some reason I left the store with two 4-packs of linen napkins and two 2-packs of linen dish towels.

Why, you may ask? I don’t know! I wanted to come home and set a nice new jar on my living room shelves but instead I came home and spent three days making new pillows out of napkins and dish towels. I have this problem a lot.  When you have a crafty, diy type personality the mind never rests!  This is why my laundry/sewing/craft room/office is always a disaster!  At any given time I will have anywhere from one to five projects in the works.  Many of them eventually get finished but, admittedly, there are some that don’t!

These four-packs of napkins were $7.99 each and I was able to make four pillows out of them.The two-packs of tea towels, $4.99 each, made two larger pillows.

I then decided I was a little bored with my den pillows and wanted a pop of blue in there as well!


I found this four-pack of napkins at TJ Maxx and loved the pattern so much that I decided to make some pillows out of them!

I was satisfied for a while but then @ballarddesigns had a sale and I finally ordered the euro monogrammed shams I had been wanting for our master bedroom!  When they finally arrived and I put them on our bed it just seemed like there was something missing.  I wanted another pop of color and/or pattern, but when I started shopping around for king decorative shams the prices were ridiculous!!!  I like to change out our shams and throw pillows with the seasons so I certainly could not justify the $80-$179 prices I was seeing everywhere!

I hit up Hobby Lobby with my weekly coupon and found this adorable, preppy navy check and bought some kelly green ric rac to decorate the edges with.

I then set to work making the shams with an envelope closure in the back to easily change them out with the seasons!

King pillows measure 20″x36″. In order to be able to make the envelope closure you have to cut the fabric in a way that allows overlap. I cut the front pieces 39″x23″ because I waned a one inch decorative flange around the edges (which accounts for the extra 2 inches) and then I used a half inch seem allowance(which accounts for the 3rd extra inch.) For the back pieces I cut two pieces 23×24.5.

I then ironed the center edges, where the envelope pieces will flap over each other, into a one inch seem and stitched down.

Lay all pieces with right sides facing and pin all around the edges.  Then sew together with a half inch seem allowance.

Turn sham right side out and iron.

I then sewed the ric rac all around the sham, one inch from the edge, to form the decorative flange.  If you do not want a flange edge, you can eliminate the additional two inches we added when we cut the fabric and your sham would be complete at this point!

Loving the finished look!  Sorry about the poor lighting, it has been grey and rainy for the last 1,000 days, or so it seems!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  In the meantime I finally taught myself how to sew zippers so that the pillows can be removable covers and changed out for the seasons!!!  I do like the pillows that I chose when we got our new family room furniture this past year, as they have just about every color of the rainbow in them and give a lot of options for changing decor, but  have always wanted a fall-ish plaid or pattern to use on them.  Once again I scoured the internet for pillow covers inexpensive enough to justify changing them with the seasons.  They’re just so expensive and I really didn’t see anything I loved.

I happened to be in Target one day looking for a new table runner for Thanksgiving and found this tablecloth!  Alas, my new pillow fabric was found!

Teddy is thrilled with the new decor, can you tell?  I found some coordinating fabric in the sale bin at JOANN Fabric (@joann.com) to make covers for the smaller throw pillows.  The best part is that I was very strategic when I cut up the tablecloth to make the four plaid pillows so I also made a table runner for my dining room table!

If you are interested in more details on making your own pillow covers please comment below!  I need to get back to my sewing room because this just happened…

Christmas pillows coming soon!



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