I would definitely say that, for most of my life, fall has been my favorite season. My birthday is in early August so as a kid every year I would ask for new sweaters and such, and from that day forward I was ready for cool, crisp weather to bundle up in my new duds! As an adult, it seems as if each year I am more and more reluctant to give up summer. I have never been one of those moms that looks forward to their kids going back to school, I love having them home with me. Especially now that I have two in college, I really cherish the summer months with everyone under my roof!

Our oldest, Sam, drove himself back to college in mid August for the start of his senior year. I find it so hard to believe because I’m still crying over his first day of preschool!  It is really true what they say…don’t blink!  When they were little it felt like the days and sleepless nights were endless, but before you know it they’re grown and gone.

Our oldest daughter, Ellie, went back for her sophomore year of college at the end of August.  As usual, on move in day it was 80 plus degrees with extreme humidity. At least this year she is on a lower floor! Last year she was on the eighth floor and I had trouble getting out of bed for days afterward because my calves were killing me!!! Her dorm room is just slightly larger than a shoe box, so it is always interesting to try and make something that small feel homey and cute all the while sweating profusely and fighting my claustrophobia that seems to be worsening as I age!!!

Our youngest, Gracie, is a junior in high school. I don’t think she is as sad as I am to have the house emptied out! She and our golden retriever, Teddy, are our only kids left at home. Here they are posing for the annual back-to-school pic!


(I would prefer to remember them this way! That is our first golden, Jake.  Faithful picture poser for many years before Teddy!)

I have been very fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom all these years, and I wouldn’t change that for the world! I take being a Mom VERY seriously and have devoted everything to this role for almost 22 years! My family and my home are the most important things in the world to me and I take great pride in both!!!  I do crave being busy and on the move; I’m always working on some project or another, or helping someone out with a project of their own. I love crafting and creating whenever I can, whether it be sewing, embroidery, projects on my Cricut, or DIY-ing decorating projects around my home, trying out new recipes or entertaining. I run, do yoga or some form of exercise 5-7 days a week, that’s my sanity! Oh wait… wine helps too!!

We live in the town where we grew up, an incredibly quaint little town in upstate New York at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. We have four beautiful seasons. Well, if I’m being honest, as I age the winters seem to be getting a bit too long!!

I’d love to have you join me in figuring out this thing called “LIFE.” Hop on board and I’ll share my adventure with you!


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  1. The photos are fabulous, wow I’m going to try and find a way to stop blinking ?
    I cannot wait to read more, style, humor, love and kindness is in your DNA

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