Recently I decided to paint this old sofa table that we bought with our first house. It has been in our upstairs hallway for the past few years and I am so over it!

We bought our first house in 1996 and back then I was all about the country colors of burgundy and hunter green. EVERYTHING we had was some version of those colors!

These days I am embracing lighter, brighter colors in our home. I love a good DIY project so I thought I’d paint it, and I’m now so in love with it! I was in our local Ace Hardware perusing color ideas for another project and I bought one of their sample cans to try.

As always, I got too excited to start this project so I forgot to take a before pic!! I had already started sanding it when I remembered to take a picture!

I ran my sander over the surface and cleaned off the dust before starting to paint. Then I removed the drawers and the wooden knobs. After turning the table upside down on a drop cloth in my garage, I set out to work!

There are no pictures of my next step. Again, I get too eager, but I used a primer to cover all the knots in the wood that were bleeding through the paint. I did a couple coats of my favorite primer, with plenty of drying time in between, just on the knots.

Remember my last DIY paint job? (scroll down to find this post!) It was a cabinet that is also located in this same hallway. I didn’t want to paint the table the same color but wanted them to look nice together.

Ace Hardware is one of my favorite places to pick up supplies for my many projects. They are super helpful and very knowledgeable about paint! When I was at Ace buying the green for this cabinet I decided to buy one of their sample cans to paint the table, too!

The paint was actually made by Valspar but the color I chose was Heirloom China by Clark+Kensington. One mistake I made was not noticing that this was a satin finish. I painted the green cabinet with a semi-gloss finish, which is what I meant to buy!

Here is my finished table! I love it! It looks like a completely new piece of furniture. Brightened up the hallway and goes perfectly with my decor!

Did I mention that I get over eager? Realized I also forgot to take a picture of painting the drawer pulls. I just spray painted them with the same paint I used for the green cabinet!

Here is a pic of the paint I used. These are the knobs and hinges from the green cabinet.

How about you guys? Do you love to tackle projects around your home? I’d love for you to share some of your DIY’s with me!!! Let’s inspire each other!


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