Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, can you believe it?  Wasn’t it just the Fourth of July?  Every year time seems to speed up more and more.

This happy momma slept soundly and peacefully last night with all my people under one roof.  I drove to pick up our oldest daughter yesterday and survived spending the day on the Mass Pike!  Our son and his girlfriend were supposed to arrive today but surprised me and got home last night also!  Happy, happy, happy…!!!

Our family has so many holiday traditions that it is sometimes hard to keep up.  One of my faves is sitting down together on Thanksgiving night, after all the cleanup is done, and watching ‘ELF.’  You can’t fight getting into the holiday spirit with Buddy the Elf around!!!  This movie always makes me happy, and we all can recite every line in the movie; quotes we use year round, actually!!! I thought I’d share my Top Ten Favorite Holiday Movies with you in case you haven’t seen some of them!

‘ELF’ starts off the season

We watch ‘FRED CLAUS’ while we decorate our tree

My husband has to see ‘IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE’ with all of us together so we can get a good cry on!  I can’t believe that I never saw this movie until we started dating, it’s his favorite and has now become beloved to us all!  So many great messages and good feels!! It has been colorized but we prefer the black and white version.

Santa Clause 2  We love all the movies in this series, but this one especially!


‘A Christmas Story’  Who doesn’t love Ralphie?


‘HOME ALONE’ This movie is on TV about a thousand times during the holiday season!  A John Hughes classic!


‘THE POLAR EXPRESS’  Every time we watch this movie with our surround sound on the house shakes!!! Great movie, amazing music!


‘CHRISTMAS VACATION’  “You serious, Clark?”  Another one we recite the lines of year round!!  I couldn’t love this movie more!!!


‘THE HOLIDAY’  This one is on TV a lot also!  Lots of great actors and it makes me want to spend the holidays in England and LA equally!!! Nancy Meyers movies always have the most beautiful sets!!!


‘THE FAMILY STONE’  We love this movie so much!  It has tons of great actors and you’ll want to move into their beautiful home and spend the holidays with them!  Sidenote:  Have some tissues nearby!

So there you go!  It’s not ALL of our faves but the ones that we love the most and watch on repeat between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Do you love any of these movies?  What are your favorites?  I’d love for you to leave comments below and share your traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope you all have a fantastic day surrounded by loved ones and delicious food! Get your fat pants ready!!!



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