Now that all of that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is over, there are many packages arriving on  my front porch each day! It’s time to start wrapping because I hate the look of our tree with no gifts underneath! In years past I would wait until all of my shopping was done before I started to wrap anything, I don’t know why!  It would stress me out so much and I would be cramming it in the last few days and nights before Christmas.  This year I am much more organized with my shopping, so I want to get the majority of the wrapping done before I start all of my holiday baking because then things get really crazy around here. I do A LOT of baking for the holidays!!

I do all of my wrapping in the dining room. I keep my bins of wrapping supplies in there for easy access. First, I remove everything from the big farmhouse table.

No, I do not wrap on a white linen tablecloth, I just put it on for picture purposes!  I lay out all of my wrapping supplies so they are handy and easy to grab.  I put all of my ribbon together, gift tags in one place, pens for writing out gift tags, cutting supplies and tape so the whole process runs fairly smoothly. Then, I fire up my Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to crank some Michael Bublé and Pentatonix holiday tunes while I pour a nice glass of chardonnay and wrap the night away!

There are so many aspects of the holiday season that can cause stress on us, so as I’ve grown older I try my best to find joy in each little thing.  My children are grown now, but to those of you still in the throes of sleep-deprived nights, tantrum-filled days, multiple class holiday parties and celebrations, I encourage you to embrace every bit of it! Take every picture you can as long as they’ll let you, because believe me, the day will come when they won’t let you anymore and that is truly heartbreaking! Make every event and tradition a special one!

Happy gift wrapping to you all!!!  Rock on and enjoy the moment!



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