I know, I know…the very few of you that actually read my blog are probably wondering where the heck I’ve been! I haven’t written a post since August! Can anyone say “slacker?” Writing blog posts takes so much time between the documenting, writing and photo editing. I really felt like no one was reading them, so I have been more focused on keeping up with my Instagram and Facebook! I am in complete awe of bloggers that put out content everyday!!

Here and there I get comments from readers about something they saw in one of my blog posts and it is THE.BEST.FEELING!!! I have gotten some questions and comments lately from people that bought gifts last year after reading my gift guides. So, I figured I would get myself back into the writing game by putting a gift guide together!

This guide is chock full of ideas that I either own already or that I want to purchase. I hope it is helpful for you and PLEASE, if it is, or if you have ANY comments, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go all the way to the end and let me know in the comment section. Also, SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL LIST!!!

Here we go…

I have been know to call this vacuum my best friend. If you get one you will understand why!!! Cordless and so easy to use. Easy to empty and no more vacuum bags! This price is unbelievable! I paid almost $200 more for mine and I still think it was worth it!

(Note: You can click on the links under each picture to take you right to the items, that is, if I’ve set the links up correctly! If the items are from Amazon and you purchase directly from my link I MAY receive a small commission. This is only for Amazon items. I do not receive anything for items from other sellers, but if they’re in this gift guide I think they’re THAT good!)

If you follow me at all you are probably so sick of me talking about my love of Dudley Stephens fleece products! Head to their website and find out about this small company that produces fleece made in the USA. Two sisters run it and the fleece is made out of recycled water bottles. Sustainability for the win!! If you click on the link above you will receive $25 off your first purchase!!!

Another sustainable product, the uppers of these shoes are made from recycled water bottles. They can be thrown in the wash and they’re actually comfortable!! Click on the link above to check out the website and look for discounts for teachers and students!

Our family loves to do puzzles! Amazon has a huge variety to choose from. Not going to lie, I stayed up a few late nights working on this one, along with my kids! Great for family bonding!!

YETI products never disappoint and this bag is perfect for day to day use!

These shoes are an amazing Gucci dupe! So comfortable and super affordable! I walked all over Paris in them in total comfort!

This game is the best! One of our favorites at family gatherings. Hilarious laughter is inevitable and good times will be had by all!!

Those of you that know me personally know that I don’t wear make up that often. One reason for that is because I despise the feel of foundation on my skin! I have tried several different brands that claim to be light but I still feel like I have a ‘mask’ on! This one I love! It’s light and easy to blend!

My eyebrows are disappearing by the second!! Anybody else with me? I love this ‘Brow Set.’ The color I use is ‘Beguile’ but it comes in a variety of colors ,or clear if you prefer!

I have been sharing my new coffee maker on my IG stories lately. Some bloggers that I follow swear by it and I can see why! It is fully automatic and makes just about every kind of coffee and espresso drink you can think of! Our whole family is obsessed with it! It froths milk on it’s own for your coffee or cappuccino or hot chocolate, and dispenses hot water for your tea or americano. You keep the milk pitcher in the fridge and attach it when you want a beverage with frothed milk!! You keep the top of the machine filled with water and fresh coffee beans and it grinds the beans for each beverage. That means no waste from coffee pods like some other machines! Yes, it’s an investment, but it’s getting quite a lot of use in our house! It’s so easy to use and a hot, fresh cup of coffee at the push of a button is divine!! Right now it’s $600 off!

These blankets are beautiful and super cozy! They offer a large variety of patterns and wash like a dream. They are a small company run by a mother/daughter duo. I love the story on their website about how they started their company based on a favorite blanket from years ago. Your family will be fighting over this one!!

This cute set of headbands are a great idea for stocking stuffers! Perfect for face washing or makeup application to keep your hair held back and look adorable at the same time!!

Do you have a hockey or lacrosse player or a kick boxer in your house? If so, do you enjoy coexisting with their stinky gloves? Yeah, I didn’t think so! These sticks are designed to help dry out and eliminate odor in athletic gloves, or shoes or whatever else your loved ones may stink up! Definitely getting these for my boxing gloves and quite possibly for some other people in my life!!! (WINK! WINK!)

I think this gadget looks perfect for keeping your phone in place while driving and easily accessible for all those business calls!

Many are claiming that a weighted gravity blanket has helped them in so many ways , including calming their anxiety and helping with sleep!

I have my S’well water bottle with me at all times, but I have alway wanted an easier way to carry it! These straw topper lids are so convenient with the attached handle. So much easier to get a sip of water at the gym with my boxing gloves on! Great stocking stuffer for the S’well bottle lovers in your life!

I ordered this charger before we went to Europe in October and it really came in handy! We also used it a lot on our trip to London last month! It comes with a light and it charges your devices in a jiffy!

These pans are so awesome!! Great non-stick surface, even-cooking and they can go in the dishwasher!!! On sale for a great price for this kind of quality cookware!! We use them constantly!

Here is another stocking stuffer idea. I am a stickler for getting every last drop out of my beauty and skincare containers! My Mom got me one of these and they work so well. They also come in handy for filling your travel toiletry containers!

Anyone else have this?? I’m seeing it everywhere and think its hysterical! I really want one, but will Teddy just stand and stare at it the entire time we’re gone? Thinking about going for it!

So there you have it, my gift buying ideas for the season! Please let me know if you make any of these purchases and what you think! Again, if you click on the descriptions under each picture it should take you directly to the links.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to sign up for my email list and to leave me some comments!!! Happy shopping everyone and Happy Holidays!!! I truly appreciate you visiting my blog!!!


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