We are heading into a long holiday weekend with a huge storm heading our way. Living in the northeast, we are used to storms like this, and for the most part, we go on ‘business as usual.’ With the predictions for this storm there are also a lot of travel warnings and suggestions to stay home if possible, especially Saturday night into Sunday.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and stocked up on a few staples along with some fun treats for Gracie to enjoy this weekend. The temperatures are supposed to plummet so much Sunday into Monday that her ski race for Monday has been postponed. You KNOW it’s a storm in the northeast if a ski event is affected!!! With this news I assume that most social and sporting events will also be canceled.

Besides all the skiing, sledding, skating, snowshoeing and shoveling that will undoubtedly happen this weekend, many people will also be stuck inside with the dangerous travel conditions and frigid temps. I have already purchased ‘A Star is Born’ which, in my opinion, is THE BEST MOVIE EVER, to watch again this weekend. I’m sure that there will be a lot of TV binge watching and movie marathons going on!

Another thing that our family loves to do is play games! We have a couple of go-to faves, but I decided to share a handful of game ideas with you to bring some joy and laughter and fun-filled family bonding to your weekend.

First off, puzzles. Yes, I can definitely say that our extended family has a bit of a puzzle obsession. We love the challenge, and the more complicated the better. Here’s the thing…we’re a competitive bunch and sometimes it’s a little hard to walk away!!! Deciding where to work on a puzzle is important because you are inevitably going to lose that space for a few days or for however long it takes you to complete! We have spent so many family vacations and holidays together having to stand up and eat somewhere random because the kitchen or dining room table is covered with puzzle pieces! We also have a tendency to work late into the night, as long as we can keep our eyes open enough!

Next up, card games… We have a few favorites that we play over and over again whenever we’re together. I would have to say that our oldest fave is ‘SPOONS.’ Spoons is a fun, easy card game that is great for all ages! My kids started playing it when they were really young, and when Gracie had her ski team to dinner this week the kids (teens) all played a couple rounds before they ate. I think of it as musical chairs in card-game form. We have an actual store-bought version from when my kids were little because it contains giant plastic spoons easier for little hands to grab. You can play it with a regular old deck of cards and metal or plastic spoons right from your kitchen! I will link the store-bought version, but you’ve most likely got everything you need right in your homes! You can easily look up the rules on-line.


‘LCR’ or ‘LEFT CENTER RIGHT’ is a dice game that our family also plays a lot! You need at least three players. If you purchase the game it comes with playing chips, but our family likes to either play with quarters, starburst, or other fun things that make it more interesting!!! You’ll love it and it’s fun for all ages, also!


‘KINGS IN THE CORNER’ is another favorite! You play with a regular deck of cards and the rules can easily be found online. It is basically solitaire for a crowd! Very fun! I love to play cards but I am always messing up the rules between all the different games I have been taught throughout my life. ‘Kings’ is so easy to learn and remember!

There are a handful of other family-friendly games that we love. ‘HEADBANDS’ is super fun and great for all ages, ‘PICTIONARY’ is also great for any size crowd. When we play we set up the kids old art easel from when they were little and attach large pieces of paper to it. You can just google words online if you don’t actually own the game!

‘BOGGLE’ is one of my very favorites, but that is because I usually win!!! It is all about connecting letters to see who can make the most words each round. Each player writes down as many words as they can find while trying to beat the clock. Whoever comes up with the most words, that no one else saw, wins! There is also BOGGLE JR for younger kids!


‘HEADS UP’ and ‘5 SECOND RULE’ are games we learned about from watching one of our favorite shows, ‘ELLEN.’ They are hilarious and spark a lot of competitiveness!!! If you have never played MAD GAB then you don’t know what you’re missing!!! It is played with teams and you race against the clock to sound out a group of words that spell one thing but actually sound like another. Hard to explain, but just go out and get it, you’ll thank me later!!! Just be ready to laugh!!!


The links that I have included in this post are all to Amazon, but most of them are available at Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and/or Barnes and Noble, in case you want to run out before the storm to grab one!

Let me know if you do and if they add laughter to your weekend! I hope you all stay safe, keep warm and have fun!!


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